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Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, we proudly grow unique and uncommon local flowers.

We are a commercial flower farm located in Clifton Springs, N.Y., owned and operated by Jenny Marks and her husband, Matt.  We always promise to grow our flowers sustainably and responsibly on our 22.5 acre farm. Because we specialize in growing flowers for local markets, we are able to grow a large variety of ultra-fresh flowers that are not common in the traditional commercial cut flower industry.  We grow many gorgeous flower varieties that are more whimsical, colorful, and unique than imported flower varieties.  Our flowers are a unique mix of heirloom and brand-new varieties of beautiful blooms, and are always fresh, fragrant, and hand picked.

Meet Your Farmers

Meet Jenny and Matt Marks, your local flower farmers! Matt and Jenny met in 2014 and instantly bonded over their love of the outdoors and background in agriculture. Both Jenny and Matt grew up on small farms in the North East and share a passion for growing plants, raising animals, and the outdoors. They soon bought a 22.5 acre farm in the Finger Lakes region of central New York and began to grow a huge garden and raise some animals. Jenny discovered her love of growing flowers and started the flower farm business. They also raise chickens, pork, beef, and honeybees. You can learn more about Jenny and Matt by by following them on instagram or facebook @Trademarks.Flower.Farm.


What We Do

We offer seasonal flower shares (also known as a CSA), made-to-order seasonal bouquets, flower-filled workshops, event flowers, wholesale, and design services. We proudly only use flowers that we have grown on our farm in Clifton Springs, NY. Our yearly calendar fills up fast, so be sure to check-in with us early if you would like to work with us and our gorgeous NY-grown blooms.  You can get in touch with us here

Why Choose Local?

Trademarks Flower Farm was started largely in response to seeing a real need for local floral in central New York state as both a aesthetic and an environmental dilemma.  Now that the U.S.A. has a wide variety of flowers available anytime year-round, right at our fingertips, the cut flower industry suffers the same problems that affect the food industry.  Just as fruit and vegetables are grown for their shelf life and ability to survive the distribution chain (being shipped thousands of miles), flowers are too.  Because we can now buy flowers such as carnations year-round, we have lost the seasonality that was once so much a part of flower buying and growing.  Every year, billions of dollars are spent on cut flowers that are imported from huge farms in Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.  These blooms are not only transported thousands of miles, but are grown on vast tracts of property, often planted with the same types of flowers, year after year.  This type of monoculture increases sensitivity to plant diseases and increases the need for pesticide use.  Not only is this not sustainable, but it also affects the beauty available to us. Local flowers are full of whimsical and magical aesthetic, not to mention some special fragrances. Imported flowers lose their fragrance and unique beauty on their long travels to us.

Growing both vegetables and flowers seasonally is not only environmentally more responsible, it is also more fun!  Using nothing but seasonal flowers in our bouquets gives our style a unique look that is full of unique texture and color.  Our flowers are surely more memorable and modern than any traditional florist that's still buying in old imported blooms.

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For more information, contact Jenny anytime by visiting our "Contact" page.  We look forward to having you enjoy fresh and local specialty cut flowers as much as we do!