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D.I.Y. Event Flowers

Freshly Harvested From our Fields for Your Special Event

From Mid-June until Mid-October, we offer seasonal, sustainably-grown flowers for wedding’s and special events. If you have the desire to create your own floral designs, buying DIY bulk flowers from Trademarks Flower Farm is an excellent way to affordably add unique touches to your event.

DIY Flowers are an excellent option if:

  • you are interested in seasonal and sustainably grown flowers;

  • you are flexible about flower type and style

  • you have the time and talent to design your own wedding or event flowers

DIY flowers from Trademarks Flower Farm are harvested fresh from our fields into buckets and are ready for you to pick up a day or two before your event.  Each 2-gallon bucket contains a mix of foliage, filler, and focal flower varieties that are at their most beautiful and abundant in the fields.  One bucket is usually around 70 stems and is enough to fill 8-10 ball jars, depending on how you design your arrangements.  Flower and color choices are limited to what is blooming the week of your event, although we do try to work with those who wish to request certain colors or palettes.


  • DIY flowers in any colors (grower's choice): $85/bucket plus tax (Due to the extreme expense of growing spring flowers, during the month of June our pricing is $110/bucket)

  • DIY flowers in requested color palette: $95/bucket plus tax (Due to the extreme expense of growing spring flowers, during the month of June our pricing is $125/bucket)

Things to Consider:

Before you decide if buying DIY Flowers to design on your own is the right decision for you, we encourage you to consider if:

  • You feel comfortable working with flowers. Some flowers require special treatment, although we do provide a care sheet and try to harvest flowers that are fairly simple to work with.

  • You (and/or some really great friends) will have enough time to pick up the flowers a few days before your event, as well as enough time to design. For an average wedding, we recommend setting aside at least 6-8 hours to design your flowers.

  • You have a cool place to store the flowers, out of direct sunlight, between the day you pick them up and your event.  .

For those who feel a little uncomfortable with flower design or time constraints, we also offer “A-La-Carte” packages:   

A-La-Carte Event Flowers

Our A-La-Carte option is best for people who want a professional designer to create their “wear and carry” personal items, such as bouquets and boutonnieres, but still would like to take care of their own ceremony and reception décor. 

For this option, our clients typically purchase bulk DIY buckets of flowers in addition to their personal items and create their own ceremony décor, centerpieces, and other decorations.  Items designed by Trademarks Flower Farm are available for pick up the day before your wedding.  Please contact us for pricing.

If you are interested in purchasing DIY or A-La-Carte Flowers, please email us at with your event details.

We also offer services for other corporate events and private parties. Please contact us for more information.